There’s a region in Colombia, resting among mountains with as many shades of Green as anyone’s imagination could create, where spring was denied its absence, where flowers chose to never stop growing, and where people have filled up with colors their lives and those of many others from as many destinations as those known by the entire world. This is Antioquia, an exotic and overwhelming in beauty piece of land, from where tons of flowers and foliage embark in journeys of thousands of miles to conquer the world stealing smiles and breaths.

It is in this region, right where time and environment made of the soil a cradle for magnificent colors and exuberant creations, where a wonderful company was born; BGONIMA, a team of 25 persons that day after day offer their sweat to the ground and their effort to the work, making it possible for this constantly growing natural fantasy to become steams, leaves and petals, which guarded by our name, aboard planes in route to any part of the planet where desired.

Twelve years have passed since that 23rd of January back in 2004 in which our very first box loaded with illusions was placed inside a plane with destination Miami, USA. From that moment, we have witnessed the growth of our passion for taking sentiments beyond the borders of this beautiful country, to places in which somebody, most likely, will be hearth pampered.

It was with greens and foliage that BGONIMA started wandering the world, bringing back tons of experiences and lessons learned, that allowed, little by little, to venture into new product lines, which at present constitute a wide offer that includes hydrangeas, callas, asters and multicolored painted and tinted asters. All of these following processes under strict quality standards, friendly with the environment, and matching our client’s requirements.

BGONIMA is a place of family and friends, a handful of people using every day as an opportunity to improve our lives, taking advantage of our land in a responsible way, giving back to it as many benefits as those received.
Our products fly the world under the label BGONIMA, natural fantasy, symbol of passion for what we do, responsibility to our clients, and sustainability with our environment.