The BGONIMA farm

The BGONIMA farm is located in Vereda Toldas, part of a town called Guarne in the department of Antioquia, just 13 kilometers away from José María Córdova International Airport (MDE), where our flowers and foliage embark to any destination around the planet.

We use 5 hectares of a land that time and environmental conditions have turned especially fertile; among many others, an elevation of 2,100 meters above sea level, plenty of water supplies, wet weather, intertropical latitude, and soils rich in nutrients thanks to a dynamic geological history, all together with a responsible use of soils and environmentally friendly products, make it possible for us to keep harvesting excellent quality and beautiful flowers and foliage nonstop year round.


On our lands we have designated different parcels that, equipped specifically for the growing variety, are scheduled and rotated in order to protect the soil whilst harvesting the most appropriate flowers according to the season. Likewise, intentional localization over slopes, mountain tops or valleys, make it possible to play along with atmospheric conditions, solar radiation, water runoff, and other field factors which, used intelligently, can become additional allies to our processes.

The varieties we currently grow to export are Aster Sunspring, Aster Monarch, Solidago Tara, Hydrangea White, Hydrangea Blue, Hydrangea Lime Green and Hydrangea Shocking Blue, as well as a selection of arrangements with these products that are created out of our historical records as the specific interests of our clients. For instance, some of the arrangements we currently offer include bunches of seasonally painted and tinted Solidago, these match the quality requirements and standards of our clients, which in turn allows us to keep assuring our service promise.

The BGONIMA people

We are a team of 25 members

We are a team of 25 members that recognize the value of their job as key element to keep the BGONIMA brand as a symbol of passion for things well done, responsibility to clients and environmental sustainability.

This team is composed mainly by country people from the region, as we are conscious that part of our labor must be to improve the living conditions within the environment in which we live, therefore we enjoy creating opportunities to our neighbors with whom we share this beautiful mountains.

In order to improve the quality of live for those participating in this endeavor we elaborate certain activities like:

Training programs on topics related to our activities.
Financial support to those willing to move on with their scholar studies.
Preventive medicine promotion encouraging the use of the health care services.
Sports and recreational events.
With this activities embedded in a warm, trusty and enthusiastic environment, we are able to empower each one of the members to this team, which in turn, make it possible for our flowers and foliage to grow within ideal conditions, be handled with love, and finally fly towards all those destinations in which they are long for.